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Come in, sit down, have a cup of tea…

written by Olivia Akumu October 3, 2016

Hi there and thank you for taking some time to check out my blog. This is essentially my (and I hope soon your) safe space to chat, share ideas and tips, on all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

If you’re wondering I’m a twenty-something Kenyan born, Mancunian bred (#thecityisRED), humanitarian lawyer by training, and creative by calling. Stuff junkie (read: shoes, bags, jewellery, clothes, makeup…basically, anything-that-looks-nice junkie), notorious over-packer (I am the woman at the airport with seven pieces of luggage in tow), involuntary-eyebrow shade giver, lewd-lyric lover and full of life!

So what can you expect to find on here? Primarily:

  • Beauty – beauty is slowly but surely becoming big business in Kenya, and as a self-confessed beauty nut I want to bring you information about what’s out there in the market, what’s to love and what to steer clear of. We’ll talk swatches (yay dark skin!), formula, dupes, new releases…you name it!
  • Fashion musings & personal style – the latter if I get brave enough!
  • Lifestyle natter
  • And because I don’t like to be confined to any box, look out for smatterings of what I like to call Glitters of a Dreamer’s Mind – basically, anything off topic that might take my fancy, or anything you’ve requested me to talk about!

Thank you for making it this far (I tried to keep it as short and sweet as I can)! I hope you check in regularly. I’d love to get some feedback from you of what you think of the blog – don’t leave me hanging, leave me a comment, let’s talk.

I also have a YouTube channel, so catch me on there too. And you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @oliviaakumu



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