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New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

written by Olivia Akumu December 30, 2016

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, there’s a lot of pressure to get fit, make huge strides, while still trying to tick all the ambitious (and ridiculous) things off last year’s list. So this year instead of making a list of unattainable resolutions that will have crumbled to dust by February January 18th (let’s be real), I’ve come up with a list of 4 beauty resolutions that every girl will manage to stick to throughout the whole of 2017.


I can always tell when I’ve gotten a bit lazy with washing my face every night when after a few days my skin is lookimg dull and lifeless.Dermatologists the world over will tell you that cleansing your face every night will do wonders for a golden, glowing complexion.

How to guarantee you’ll stick to it: Instead of waiting until you’re exhausted and ready for bed, why not try cleaning your face as soon as you get home? Even better grab yourself an automatic cleaning brush that requires literally zero effort. Now you’re free to fall asleep to that new TV series completely guilt free!



I know, I know, this is such a chore. But trust me brushes full of make up gather a lot of bacteria. There’s no point investing all that time cleaning your face the night before if you’re just going to cover it in germs from your brushes the next morning.

How to guarantee you’ll stick to it: Buy yourself a rubber cleaning mat  – it will make cleaning your brushes a breeze!



Hands up if you wear SPF? Yeah, didn’t think so. I’m very guilty of not doing this every day (in fact, I probably only wear SPF when I’m on a beach holiday). But just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean that you should not wear SPF. Harmful UV rays are beaming down on you every minute – especially in our beautiful tropical weather – and even on a  cloudy day.

How to guarantee you’ll stick to it: Buy a face moisturizer that already includes SPF – winning!



If your makeup drawer or dressing table looks like a war zone – this one’s for you. This year make a pledge to organise your makeup. Trust me you don’t want to be the girl who dropped and broke her new powder bronzer because of all the clutter. Invest in a few glass or ceramic vases for your brushes, and some PVC drawers or decorative gift boxes to store all of that away.

How to guarantee you’ll stick to it: This involves going shopping – I’m in! Plus once you have all your makeup organised you’ll love keeping it that way.

Will you be trying any of these beauty resolutions next year? What else is on your list? Let me know below.




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