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L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in Peach Corrector

written by Olivia Akumu January 9, 2017

The L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer has been a cult favourite for years. And with good reason. High quality formula and coverage at a seriously affordable price, and an insane colour range for a highstreet/drugstore brand. And especially for us darker skinned girls, the Orange Corrector has been a saviour for covering up dark spots and hyper pigmentation. That being said, the Orange Corrector is super rich in tone and can be overwhleming if you are a little lighter in tone, or if your foundation that’s going on top of the concealer is not high coverage enough. Looks like L.A. Girl heard us and formulated 3 new corrector shades and 1 highlighter shade. Of course I picked up the new Peach Corrector, so if you’re interested in seeing how this compares to the popular Orange, read on!


Formula wise, this is exactly the same as any of the HD Pro concealers, so no change there. The peach is actually significantly lighter than I thought it would be, and is more of a pastel shade than a warm peach. You can see the side by side comparison swatches below, as well as a mix of the two shades. I think I prefer the mixed shade a lot more and can’t really see when I would use the peach shade alone, except maybe for an eyeshadow base.


VERDICT: Unless you plan to mix the two shades together, you can skip it. If you are interested, you can grab this at Makeup Addiction KE for KES 500.


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