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Kleancolor Tanned RAWR Shimmer Bronzers: Review & Swatches

written by Olivia Akumu March 21, 2017

I need a holiday.  The weather in Nairobi is currently erratic as the rainy season is trying to creep its way in  (PS. it’s time to make that umbrella permanent in your handbag, cause you never know!). And being the sun baby that I am, as soon as that rain checks in, I know I’ll be craving a getaway. So when I received these shimmer bronzers in the mail I knew it was a sign.

If you have a darker skin tone like mine, you might be asking why you need a bronzer. After all, aren’t you already bronzed to the max? Well, there are two types of bronzers – ones that warm up your skin (typically matte, with a warm undertone that you would use on the outer perimeter of your face) and ones that add a bit of luster to your complexion. The Kleancolor Tanned RAWR Shimmer Bronzers fall into the latter category, especially if you have a deeper skin tone.

I have four colours of the Kleancolor Tanned RAWR Shimmer Bronzers. I love that they are all named after tropical island destinations:

Bali Shimmer – A light brown with a pure yellow gold undertone
Fiji Shimmer – A medium brown with orange-y, copper undertones
Tahiti Shimmer – Amedium brown with rose gold undertones (more gold than pink though)
Waikiki Shimmer – A warm brown with a mix of copper and champagne undertones

So, how do you use this?! You have a couple of options:

  1. Use them as a highlight on the highest points of your face where you want to catch the light – cheekbones, browbone, cupid’s bow of your lip, tip of your nose
  2. Use them on top of your warming bronzer (sparingly) to add a little glow to your face. TIP: If you want this to be super subtle, you could even apply your warming bronzer first, add a little shimmer, then use the remaining product from your brush that applied the warm bronzer to blend this in further. It will give you a super glow, that no one will quite be able to place their finger on!

My favourites are Tahiti Shimmer for highlight and mixed with a warming bronzer, and Bali Shimmer for an inner corner highlight.

You can get yours at Makeup Addiction KE for KES 650 each.

These products were kindly sent to my by Makeup Addiction KE to review.


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