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Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

written by Olivia Akumu July 14, 2017

You guys, it’s JULY! How quickly is this year flying by already? Slow down….. First off, I want to give a huge apology for my absence here on the blog. As you’ll have realised, I haven’t posted in quite a while. A LOT has been happening offline (all good, but things that really required all of my attention) and trying to juggle so much has meant that something dropped off ūüôĀ The good news is, I’m back with a vengeance and ready to¬†showcase all I’ve been trying out in the beauty world.

I have been taking note of your comments and DMs on Instagram¬†on what you’d like me to review, so first up is my review of the¬†Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.¬†I bought this primer about 4-5 months ago as I constantly kept seeing it on beauty bloggers/vloggers “holy grail”lists of primers, and decided it was time to take the plunge. If you are new to primers or haven’t used a primer before, they are essentially used as a base product (after skincare, but typically before makeup) that claim to improve the way your makeup sits on your skin. There are a ton of different primers to consider, from mattifying ones (oil-control), to pore-refining ones (smoothing), to hydrating or even illuminating primers – and some in between!

From the name of the Becca¬†primer you can tell that it claims to be both a mattifying and pore-refining primer. Now, this primer is¬†not cheap! It’s certainly a more high-end product and retails for USD 36, so I had really high expectations for it. According to the¬†Becca¬†website, this is what this primer offers:

Go beyond extending make up wear to address the root cause of why your makeup moves. This formula specifically targets oil-prone areas and acts as liquid blotting paper to leave your skin fresh and matte all day. Use alone, before, or after foundation for long-lasting control of excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of pores. Can also be used throughout the day to touch up areas of concern. Perfect for all skin types, especially oily skin.

On the plus side, I’d definitely say that this primer stands out on it’s oil-combatting claims. Once you apply it to your oily areas, you visibly see a mattifying effect on the skin, which helps hold up your makeup in those areas throughout the day. For this I’d say it extends the wear of your makeup significantly longer than if you were wearing no primer at all. I’m not sure why¬†Becca claim that this works for all skin types – I’m gonna say “no”. Definitely steer clear of this if you have dry skin. You may want to consider it if you have normal skin and¬†really want to prolong your makeup but I wouldn’t recommend it for a day-today primer. Combination to oily skin girls, rejoice! Also a plus if you have sensitive skin or feel a certain type of way about products, it is free of silicone, oil, alcohol and fragrance.

For the price point, I was expecting a little bit more on the pore-refining side of this primer. ¬†And as I was really buying it for it’s 2-in-1 properties I was a bit disappointed when it didn’t transform my pores. Don’t get me wrong, it does do something and you can see a difference in your pores when you wear it versus when you don’t, but maybe I put my expectations way too high. A little goes a long way to combat the oil, but I feel as though you’d have to put on two layers of this to really get that perfect smoothing finish – more than I am willing. Meh…

On wearing this primer before or after your foundation, I definitely¬†wouldn’t say that you can wear this alone. It comes out of the tube as a white gel-like substance that needs to be warmed up between your fingers before you apply it on your face. It will leave a slightly grey cast to your skin, so steer clear if you’re not planning on wearing any foundation, concealer or powder on top. PRO TIP: work fast and distribute this evenly to make sure your foundation sits pretty.

So, is it worth¬†all the hype? I’d give this primer a solid 7/10 and that’s mostly because of it’s oil fighting powers. I haven’t come across any cheaper alternatives that keep me this matte, so I’d say get this if you’re after a good mattifying primer and don’t mind paying the slightly more expensive price tag for it. Pass if you’re after a good combo for oil control and pores.

I have my eye on the Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizing Mattfying Primer and the Benefit Porefessional Primer next. Any other recommendations?

I bought my primer from a UK site when I was last there, but I have seen it being stocked locally by @promakeupke for KES 4,850.

Have you tried this primer before? Considering it?  Let me know below.



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