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The Ordinary Coverage Foundation & High-Adherence Primer

written by Olivia Akumu December 7, 2017

The Ordinary brand has made waves in the beauty community for more than a year now – first by disrupting skincare and offering quality products for bargain prices, but more recently for creating a range of super affordable foundations. It took me a while to get on the foundation bandwagon (I already dabble with the skincare and I’m a fan), but I’m glad I did!

So in a recent mini haul, I picked up two beauty products from The Ordinary – the Coverage Foundation and the High Adherence Primer.  The Coverage Foundation comes in a total of 21 shades, ranging from what The Ordinary calls Very Fair  to Very Deep skin tones. The fairest shade range starts at 1.0 and works its way up to the darkest shade range 3.3. In addition each of the numbers is followed by a letter indicating the undertone of the foundation – Y (yellow), YG (yellow golden), P (pink), R (red), N (neutral) and NS (neutral silver). After reading this guide I matched myself to the shade 3.2 N (Deep Neutral). I was definitely a bit skeptical about how one shade could match so many MAC shades, but The Ordinary claim that their formulation means that one shade caters to many.

I wasn’t too sure about the shade match when I first put in on my skin, because the undertone is veryyyy neutral. In fact, I almost thought it was coming off as pink when I first tried it, but once you buff it in and let it dry down you get the truer colour. I do definitely have to use bronzer around the perimeter of my face as it matches the centre very well, but not the edges so much (but to be fair, that’s nothing new for me).

I LOVE the forumla of this foundation! Just like it says, it is super lightweight. You literally feel like you have nothing on your skin – which let’s face it, is the holy grail of foundations. Although it claims to be a high coverage formula, I wouldn’t say that it was super high coverage all in all. More like a medium to high coverage, but leaning more on the high side than medium.

It dries down to a demi/semi-matte finish, so perfect for those who don’t want a super dry look. Oily girls, you will want to set this lightly though after you’re done to make sure it lasts longer. You get 30ml of product in a plastic bottle (perfect for travelling) with a pump (handy).

To pair with the foundation I also picked up the High-Adherence Silicon Primer. I’d read good things about this primer online so it was a no-brainer for me when picking this up. It claims to blur imperfections and create a smooth base for foundation or to be worn alone. When I first squeezed this out of the tube, I was a little surprised as I expected it to have a slightly heavier consistency. It has an almost lotion-like texture, which made me think it would do nothing. When I then went to rub it in it looked as thought it was going to just sit on top of my skin, but after rubbing it in a little and letting it settle down I really did see a blurring/smoothing effect.

I have tried the primer both with and without foundation and the great thing is, it doesn’t leave a white-cast on the skin, so that makes it perfect for the lazy makeup days when you still want better looking skin! The only down side is it doesn’t (in my opinion) do much for oily skin, but it works great as a smoother and I’ll probably repurchase for that alone.

If you’d like to see my first impressions of these two products on video, definitely check out my Youtube video below.

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