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The Definitive Brush Set Guide

written by Olivia Akumu April 25, 2018

One my first posts when I launched this blog was on an amazing 29-piece brush set that I picked up from Kilimall. Unfortunately I don’t think that set is available anymore and since then I get questions almost weekly from followers and subscribers about which brush set they should buy.

Buying a brush set can be quite daunting...All of that money for a brush set? Heck I don’t even know how to use half of them! So when I decided to add brush sets to the items that we stock and sell on Cocoon Beauty, I decided to do a break down of each of the brush sets and what to use each one for. We currently stock 3 amazing 12 and 13 piece brush sets that go for KES 2,600 to KES 2,900 each. (Bonus: two of the sets come with makeup bags and one comes with a brush holder).

If you’d like to see which one will work for you, then definitely watch my video below



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